Welcome to Elementary Drama.  

Elementary Drama offers educational programs for schools and theatres to use with their students everyday.  From our DRAMA curriculum to our CoreDramatics programs there is a place in every classroom and arts program for an Elementary Drama kit.

Explore everything that we have to offer you.  From Language Arts Programs to theatre camp kits let our teachers and directors help you to start or grow your program.

Programs Available:

  • Middle School Drama: a 14 week drama program for students in grade 5-8
  • CoreDramatics - Stone Soup: a 3 week language arts/drama program for grades 1-3
  • CoreDramatics - The Princess and the Pea: a 3 week language arts/drama program for grades 3-6

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What Comes In A Kit?

Our kits include everything from lesson plans to reproducibles in downloadable documents.  The kit will have everything you need to start in just 24 hours.  Your download will include any student reproducibles, music files, interactive white board files and much more!  You will also have access to our 7 day a week customer care center and teacher forums!

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